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Question of the week: Which Insurance topics do you find people most often misunderstand? The Attachment Point – Sl… https://t.co/yWYjBWwQzg

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

The comments on YouTube are worth the price of admission. https://t.co/oOLL5EvO1v

@Rob Cressy Rob Cressy @robcressy

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." This is my vision for how I am going to build the awesomes… https://t.co/DEfVx1ONwd

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

It’s only open to brokers so someone needs to let me know how it goes but this looks amazing! #insurtech… https://t.co/BulrcoQPYu

@Florian Graillot Florian Graillot @FGraillot

Great report on the state of the #InsurTech industry as of Q1 2018 with details on M&A activity. #FinTech #AI ➡️… https://t.co/UWDT3PnKe4

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Such a GREAT demo from and today! Might have had too much fun posting it to… https://t.co/SqfCgJTGK7

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

I love audiobooks! Right now- I’m listening to the 10% Entrepreneur by Patrick McGinnis during yoga.

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great stuff by @hippo_insurance and @assafwand https://t.co/H5bpJg4Ud7

@Florian Graillot Florian Graillot @FGraillot

Must read for #startup: beyond the #GDPR regulation, states are competing on data ownership. #InsurTech https://t.co/FX5dgTcnR9

@Vic Pascucci III Vic Pascucci III @victorpascucci3

Congrats @lightbank portfolio companies @gofooda @SnapsheetInc @Hireology and @SproutSocial Crain's Chicago Busines… https://t.co/86rET2wxBy

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Don’t miss this conversation on #digital agility, #InsurTech, role of #BigTech, and future of #Insurance. Mark you… https://t.co/ce3QfiYQdY

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Podcast #2 for Monday - this one has me pumped up and that’s rare. #insurtech… https://t.co/9CPjntSGjB

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HELP!! RT to help me spread the ask around our networks: Anyone know someone with pet insurance experience that wa… https://t.co/kTq6svWX6u