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@Tom Goodwin Tom Goodwin @tomfgoodwin

It’s kind of obvious in 1 year Netflix will have two tiers of subscription. Premium ad free for more than today’s… https://t.co/QSGO0olWGI

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

I don’t mind because I don’t consider myself an InsurTech insider but there is no shortage… https://t.co/QJVF2CMyIa

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Agreed- similar to some of us getting tagged in posts that have nothing to do with us pers… https://t.co/SIC56EK0qD

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

I listened to an awesome UX podcast about how the Las Vegas Public Library system went to… https://t.co/wWfreCcQSt

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

(Meme).... When they buy into Hedge Quote next you’ll all be wishing you didn’t writ… https://t.co/GAgQkPb8Wk

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

I do list all the time. Usually it’s InsurTech I would work for if I didn’t have my own th… https://t.co/IH1mpu4llJ

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Yeah that’s this guy exactly - extreme but hilarious. If he has a smart but aimless child this agency… https://t.co/81NuARDew8

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

🎯 Dad insisted on the tan seats... The gold rims really brought the whole thing together though.👌

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Oh yeah! My Mom and Dad were rocking a hunter green Chrysler Lebaron in the late 90’s for sure. 😂😂😂

@Matt Tsuhlares Matt Tsuhlares @MattyTsu

“Come on kids... it’s Saturday tomorrow. Please sleep in. It’s been a long week.” - sets alarm for 5:42am so I ca… https://t.co/o48Nge8BV6

@John Bachmann John Bachmann @johnbachmann80

Excited to be a guest of @joehollierins on his IGTV video podcast! If you’re not following on Instagram check him… https://t.co/RoiEfmYh23

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It’s Friday so relax and watch a hard drive defrag forever on Twitch https://t.co/FSotQZ6TT9 https://t.co/MtQhAFkVLr

@Pat (The Shopper) West Pat (The Shopper) West @hedgequote

Had someone flip out today and ask how they could get back at their agent for treating them so poorly. I answered-… https://t.co/DB2PGdfOcs

@Tim Kurkjian Tim Kurkjian @Kurkjian_ESPN

An ex-college pitcher coached a team for 12-year olds. He got tired of parents yelling at the kids for making outs,… https://t.co/OhspMO4PxJ