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SAGU student; aspiring college professor; average gamer; most of all, beloved of Christ

Bossier City, LA

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Who is your neighbor? Who is it God has placed before you to encourage? #DoIt Romans 15:2 "Each of us should plea… https://t.co/fVDFlugKuK

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“An overseer (elder, shepherd, pastor, bishop—all referring to the same person in the New Testament) must hold firm… https://t.co/SvCeV8mQZK

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🐟😸 📹: hosico_cat https://t.co/alDq9U7Trs

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Dear Lord, I pray that you will deliver your people from the flooding in Kerala India and by your grace, bring them… https://t.co/prdUz8aI8l

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Hug me 😍🐶 https://t.co/jYdJQSRWxQ

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Do the work of God and support the work of God! You will be blessed! #Generosity Proverbs 11:25 "A generous perso… https://t.co/gN9e0kaIlR

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Put your faith in the One who willingly has said, “I will watch out for his soul; I will oversee her life.”

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😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @dog_rates https://t.co/EBloAAQ8X1

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Rest. Tomorrow's gonna be pretty busy, getting ready to go back to college for the upcoming fall semeste… https://t.co/8gb47kZXjp

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Hearing is not the same as listening! You have two ears & one mouth. Spend twice as much time #listening as you do… https://t.co/2a9wzTdI58

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📹: kikidalmatian https://t.co/chXYv4ERsQ

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kittens in their cartons 📹: zucaskittens https://t.co/D3BWy7DzA3

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That He is. ^_^